Chanderi Fabric – A Touch Of Royal Fashion

Chanderi Fabric – A Touch Of Royal Fashion, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

Chanderi Fabric- A touch of Royal Fashion

Chanderi is a handwoven fabric which got its name from a small town known as Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. The traditional ethnic fabric owes its origin from the royal family of Scandia but it is during the Mughal Period that the popularity of the fabric has reached its zenith.

Chanderi fabrics are available in silk, cotton & silk- cotton blend. The sophistication, transparency and the sheer texture of the fabric are the dominating factors. The rich motifs on chanderi fabric are primarily hand woven. A special needle is used to create such motifs and the inspiration is drawn from nature itself- flowers, peacock and so on. Chanderi design in shape of a gold coin is quite famous and can be spotted in almost all fabrics. More intricate the motifs are, the costing is more. In older days golden threads were used for weaving

With changing time and fashion statement the colour coordination for chanderi fabric has also changed. Before the fabric was the oven in natural white and later washed in saffron to give it a natural look. Later pastel shades were used and now the trend changed to vibrant colours like black, red and navy blue.

Initially, this fabric was used to weave sari but with changing fashion scenario it is now widely used to design tunics, tops & indo-western outfits. It is also used for salwar. The fineness and glossiness of the fabric have fascinated many designers like Rahul Mishra & Sabyasachi to create timeless outfits. Many Bollywood actresses have also draped in this fabric like Vidya Balan, Kareena Kapoor & Sridevi.

The fabric needs to be taken care off in the right manner in order to give the same shine in every wear. It is always advisable to go for dry clean for the first wash. Mild detergent needs to be used for the water washes. It needs to be dried in shade avoiding direct sunlight.

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