Enchanting Skin Friendly Dye Fabrics for Salwars and Sarees

Enchanting Skin Friendly Dye Fabrics for Salwars and Sarees, Designer Fashion Fabrics - AALA.com

A fine finished and elegant dye fabric is what we all yearn for. While some of us prefer fabrics dyed with natural dyes, some others prefer those fabrics which are dyed using synthetic or manmade dyes. Different colours and materials are used to make these fabrics. These exclusive wide ranges of dye fabrics prove to be ideal for salwars and sarees.

Before we get to know what the latest trends in these dye fabrics are, first let us get to know where these dye fabrics are used. These dye fabrics are usually used to make designer sarees and salwars. These fabrics form the basic elements of these designer sarees and salwars. We all know it very well that, fabrics come in a wide variety of colours which make them attractive. When such fabrics with distinguished colours are used to design sarees and salwars they make a lot of difference in those sarees and salwars.

These dye fabrics come in different designs and patterns. There is a separate category of fabrics which are popularly called as printed fabrics. In these fabrics, the colour is bonded with the fibre so as to resist friction and washing. In these fabrics, one or more colours are applied in certain parts only. In printing, the colours are placed on the fabric with the help of rollers, stencils, wooden blocks and silkscreens. Apart from printed fabrics, there is another category of fabrics by name embroidery fabrics. These fabrics are prepared by performing embroidery work on them. The embroidery work that is carried out on these fabrics includes usage of certain materials such as pearls, sequins, metal strips and beads. The embroidery work also includes usage of thread and yarn.

Till now we learnt about printed fabrics and embroidery fabrics. Now let us get to know some things about plain fabrics. Plain fabrics appear simple and elegant. These plain fabrics can be differentiated as plain pure silk fabric, plain dupion silk fabric, plain shimmer fabric, plain cotton silk fabric, plain net fabric, plain chiffon fabric etc. All these fabrics come in different colours which make them enchanting.

At AALA you will find all these types of fabrics at attractive prices. A wide variety of Motifs, Banarasi fabrics, border fabrics, embroidered fabrics are available at AALA. Fabrics which are ideal for sarees and salwars are readily available. As per the customer requirements, the fabrics are dyed and they are beautifully designed. All the fabrics that are designed here are well finished and they reflect the blend of current trends. Exclusive bordered fabrics with different textures and embroidery work are crafted here.