Looking for homemade gifts? Read on for 10 fabric made gifts

With so many services and online market places to shop from the whole gifting process is continually losing the personal touch. We all can admit to having gifted someone with an age-old and in a way stereotypical items, from art pieces, to photo frames and to the classic wallet to all your male friends. This year put an end to this cyclical behavior and add a dash of soul and thought into the present. Working on the same model we have curated a list of handmade gifts that you can easily make at your home, read on to get picking:

1. Coasters

Coasters-aala-fabrics coasters-aala-fabrics

Regardless of the age or gender, we all consume beverages, be it hot or cold and are collectively bothered by the ring marks left behind on our tables or any surface for that matter; the simplest and oldest way to avoid them is coasters. Although readily available in the market you can customize them to the liking of the recipient at home. Neither do they require harsh labor nor a long list of tools and integrals. You can craft them with scrap fabrics or old clothes that are no longer in use but are in good condition. To know the entire process you can check out the links below:

2. Wall hangings

Wall hangings-aala-fabrics Wall hangings-aala-fabrics Wall hangings-aala-fabrics

The plain old walls can drive a creative mind to insanity and therefore you’d always find them thinking something to decorate it with. You can definitely do the same by crafting a wall hanging out of fabric, string and a couple of sticks. Start with picking out the correct fabric by keeping things like- personal style of the receipt as well as the general vibe of the house. If you the artsy kind you can also paint on solid fabric and it gives it a more personal touch, or should we say stroke! These can make excellent house warming gifts. To learn each step click on the links below:

3. Pouches

pouches-aala-fabrics Pouches-aala-fabrics Pouches-aala-fabrics

All our ladies will agree that we just love sorting out stuff in pouches, one for makeup, one for stationery, one for essentials, so on and so forth. Instead of selling your soul to the readymade store you can craft one at home by using leftover fabrics like cotton, jacquard and other sturdy fabrics. You can always pick solid fabrics and paint over to customize for male recipient’s taste. There are so many pouch designs to experiment with, start with exploring the simplest ones on the link below:

4. Gadget Cases

gadget-cases-aala-fabrics gadget-cases-aala-fabrics gadget-cases-aala-fabrics gadget-cases-aala-fabrics

In this age, we practically have gadgets for every little thing and it’s essential to take proper care of them for longevity, having cases can prove highly beneficial. You can design one for a phone, laptop or tab with leftover fabrics and a little sewing. You can also play with different kinds of enclosures and sling straps depending on your level of expertise. Hop on to the links below for stepwise instructions:

5. Pillow / Cushion Cases

Pillow / Cushion Cases AALA Fabrics Pillow / Cushion Cases AALA Fabrics Pillow / Cushion Cases AALA Fabrics

Some of the most underrated yet useful fabric products- pillow and cushion covers. Easy to craft and modify in various style palettes, can make great gifts for an interior decor fiend. You can mix and match complementary fabrics, textures, motifs as well as textures for a more diverse set. It’s best to make them in sets of two, five and six. Get a more comprehensive idea by clicking on the links below:

6. Bangles

Bangles AALA Fabrics Bangles AALA Fabrics Bangles AALA Fabrics

Everyone loves a good craft project especially if it repurposes stuff one already has lying around. Not to generalize but women of all structures love wearing bangles, traditional or contemporary. You can devise a few using old bangles and decorative material; wrapping them with fabrics can reinstate the strength as well as give a new style quotient. Incorporate tassels, gems and wire motifs as per your wish. You can watch the videos below for better guidance.

7. Quilts

Quilts AALA Fabrics Quilts AALA Fabrics

Imagine being all wrapped up in a cozy quilt on a nippy winter afternoon, gift that warm fuzzy feeling to a loved one. A word of caution, this project is on the more time-consuming side of the spectrum. Start with picking out fabrics, you can also use old t-shirts or shirts and there’s always more fabric to explore. Due to the complex nature of the project, we would recommend going through you the video links below:

8. Bags

Bags AALA Fabrics Bags AALA Fabrics Bags AALA Fabrics

One can never have enough bags, with so many shapes and sizes as well as the nature of usage therefore they make great gifts. Let your creative juices flow and craft one from scratch for your near and dear ones. You can start by making the simplest one, the tote shopper and slowly graduate to elaborate patterns. Get a clearer picture of the process and materials needed on the videos below:

9. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories AALA Fabrics Hair Accessories AALA Fabrics Hair Accessories AALA Fabrics

There’s a mood for each outfit and needs a specific way of accessorizing, making it a task to nail them each time. The best route to avoid the eternal search is to have accessories in abundance, and you can help your friends by gifting some. By far the easiest DIY project you can take up, reuse old headbands, old pieces of fabrics like Georgette, cotton and more. Get your head in the game by watching the videos below:

10. Organizers

Organizers AALA Fabrics Organizers AALA Fabrics

We all know that one person that enjoys organizing their living space to the core and what better to help them do the same. Organizers cost a fortune, save a tonne by crafted some for your friend on your own with a plethora of sturdy fabrics and a few other tools. Explore various kinds of organizer styles and start small with the help of the video links below: 

We believe we have equipped you with plenty of handmade gift ideas for this year and if you need any assistance picking the correct fabric for any of the above, visit the experts at www.aala.com