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Premium Satin Fabrics, Designer Fashion Fabrics - AALA.comSatin is a sleek and glossy fabric created with a particular type of textile weave, during the process is woven material is run through hot cylinders. The weaving method used to create it is different from a basic fabric, the latter is woven by having the threads in each direction (the warp and the weft) going one over and one under. The satin weave is four over and one under, with fewer interlacings of the threads. That process gives the fabric its characteristic glossy look.
The fibres that are commonly woven to create satin are silk, cotton, wool and also synthetic materials like polyester or acetate that allow having a less expensive fabric.
The term satin indicates the method for creating the fabric and a specific type of fabric created with this method too. The process that uses materials like silk, polyester or wool produce satin, a mixture of silk and rayon is sometimes called Duchesse, instead fabric made with a weave from cotton is usually called sateen. There are also materials that are made with one weave or material on the back and another on the front like the Cotton Satin.
Originally satin was made from silk only and it was first made in China in the 12th century. The port city known as Zayton, from where it was shipped, gave it the name satin.
Satin is used to realizing a lot of products, in particular, elegant dresses, bridal and wedding wear, lingerie and bedding. But the peculiarity of the fabric, its unique woven process, makes at the same time satin very difficult to work.
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