Some Of The Fancy Fabrics You Should Know

Have you seen those fabrics at the party that are sheer, see-through, and sparkly with fanciful effects? These are fancy fabrics used on special occasions and holidays. They sparkle when the light hits them in a certain way. Chiffon, Organza, Silk, and Taffeta are some of the common examples.

These fabrics are not always easy to sew, but they are worth the effort. The most famous examples include silk, satin, and taffeta. The former is the type of material used while the latter two refer to the type of weave. Do not be surprised if you find silk satin and silk taffeta.

Some Of The Fancy Fabrics You Should Know, Designer Fashion Fabrics -


Let us talk about taffeta before moving on to other types of fancy fabrics because it is the most abundant type among all. It is crisp, has a sheen on both surfaces, and is tightly woven. There are four types of taffeta that you encounter more often, namely acetate taffeta, nylon taffeta, polyester taffeta, and silk taffeta. Excluding silk taffeta, other types are synthetic. Synthetic or man-made taffeta types are preferred because they are more durable and are machine-washable. On the other hand, silk taffeta is very expensive and needs a lot of care while washing. Acetate taffeta is prone to shrinkage when wet. It is also prone to water staining. You can use taffeta to create fanciful dresses for your little ones as they are easy to wear, despite being fancy.


Satin is characterized by its dual surface. It is not the same on both sides. One side is shiny and the other is dull. Examples of satin include silk satin, polyester satin, and rayon satin. Silk satin is very expensive as compared to the other types because it is made up of a natural fiber secreted by silk larvae. On the other hand, synthetic types of satin are more commonly found and relatively inexpensive.

It has a perfect drape and is very runny. The drape differs with the thickness of the fiber used. It is machine washable and this property makes it an ideal fabric to prepare dresses for your teens and young ones.


It is the epitome of absolute luxury, so it is costly. It is a type of natural fabric and comes from silkworms. You can have silk taffeta, silk satin, and others depending upon the type of weave used. Sometimes, silk is blended with cotton to create cotton-silk that retains the properties of both fabrics. It has the softness and comfort of cotton on one hand and the sheen and luxury of silk on the other hand.

It is a common notion that silk is difficult to sew with but it is easier than polyester-taffeta and rayon-satin.

Besides fancy fabrics, there are some fancy weaves there. These weaves are different from basic weaves like satin, twill, and plain weave. Some of the fancy weaves include:

  1. Honey Comb
  2. Mock Leno
  3. Crepe Weave
  4. Bedford Cord
  5. Pique, and
  6. Huckaback

These weaves are used to create the following fabrics:

  1. Towel
  2. Home furnishings
  3. Trousers
  4. Ladieswear
  5. Trimmings
  6. Ornamental clothes

It should be clear now that fancy fabrics are a group of fabrics that are modern, unique, and sheer. They are often expensive and luxurious and contain fanciful effects.