The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship

, The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

India has always been a reservoir of diverse history, culture, and unbelievably beautiful embroidered fabrics. The magic of decorating fabric with needle and thread into appealing designs is what embroidery is all about. Fascinating right? What’s even more enticing is that this embroidery can be done on any and every cloth material there ever exists which is strong enough to bear the stitching! Although, the texture of the fabric surely decides the type of design that has to be ultimately stitched.

Embroidery may include not only thread but exquisite materials like pearls, thread, sequins, and beads. Embroidered fabrics in India stand out just because of the unique stitches and combinations of colours used. Thread craft of Indian embroidered fabrics has been cherished by many all around the world. Hats off to the craftsmen who work with these intricate designs to give out a stunning outcome.

We’ve curated some of the alluring collections of embroidery from all around India varying by region, techniques, and styles of clothing, just for you! So, read ahead and hold on to the thread!


, The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

Chikankari embroidered fabric speaks for its delicacy. A traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Chikankari stemmed from a white-on-white embroidery which is believed to be introduced by Noor Jahan.
It is widely popular as “Lucknowi embroidery.” Traditionally, cotton thread was used to create the patterns gracefully but eventually, beautiful colours of silk, golden zari, silver zari, and wool were added to the Chikankari embroidery, syncing it with the modern style. To give the fabric a fine and rich look, adornments like sequins and Gota Patti are also used. Get this fabric stitched into a beautiful Anarkali suit to look like a divine angel straight from heaven.


, The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

Want a total ‘Punjaban’ look? This embroidered fabric is never getting off your hook. Make this your go-to any day to get a perfect look! Etched from Punjab, Phulkari literally means flower work, and trust us, you’ll look no less than a flower blooming with the combination of these many bright colours! Like gold is handed down generation over generation, Phulkaris are deemed as an important part of a Punjabi woman’s wardrobe. We anyway know how Punjabi khaana and Punjabi kapde are extremely hard to resist! The fabric used for Phulkari is mostly a hand-spun or naturally dyed khadi cloth. The stitches are embroidered on the reverse of the cloth to get the design in the front.

Gota Patti

, The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

Well known as a royal craft in the history of India, Gota is basically a golden yet silver lace which has its origin from Lucknow and Rajasthan but is exactly unknown. This metallic lace is made of metal coated weft yarn while the warp yarn includes ribbons of fibres like cotton and polyester. Earlier, Gota Patti was worn only by royal families but it has become much more common today! Gota ribbons are now available in a variety of attractive colours. Choose from your favourite Gota colour when you want to look not only elegant and stylish but when choosing to wear something ethnic. Be it sari borders, rakhis or cushion covers, Gota work looks spectacular in every way!


, The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

Live the spirit of Kashmir with one of the oldest forms of embroidery. Thread colours used to stitch the beautiful and creative patterns are inspired by nature- birds, flowers, petals, leaves becoming the defining aspect of Kashida of Kashmiri embroidery. It’s incredibly gorgeous. A uniquely distinct feature of Kashida is that it’s made of a single thread, giving it a rich and flat formalized appearance. Frequently used threads are wool, silk, cotton, or yarn of synthetic fibre. Earlier stitching was done only on shawls and adorned by women and men both but now it is being skillfully wielded in sarees, stoles, suits, table mats, coats, and whatnot!


, The Land Of Intricate Craftsmanship, Designer Fashion Fabrics -

Zardozi embroidery comes straight from the land of Persia. Heavy and intricate metallic embroidery on silk, satin on velvet fabric base is the speciality of Zardozi. In ancient times, craftsmen sewed gold and silver threads on fabrics. Back in the Mughal era, Zardozi was used to embellish royal garments. You’ll see your mother rap Zardozi embroidered fabrics in soft cotton or muslin cloth as they are made of pure metal and can turn black if not handled like a baby!

Not only this, but India also offers countless types of embroidered fabrics like Kantha from West Bengal, Shisha, or Mirror Work from Gujarat to name a few more. So, now you know which one to go for when you want to choose not only an ethnic outfit but want to make a statement- with your embroidery.

With every collection Aala launches, we challenge ourselves to produce embroideries and designs that make you feel serene from inside.