What Are The Most Common Designer Fabrics?

Designer fabrics have gained overwhelming popularity in this era. We have become habitual of seeing ever new trends in designer clothing. Apparels designed by fashion designers have immense demand due to the redefined comfort, refined look, and esthetic feel they provide. In the following, we shall have a look at the most common fabric types used by fabric & fashion designers.

Though there is nothing like evergreen fabrics in designer fabrics, there are some fabrics types that are usually used by fabric designers to create ensembles with new properties. If you want to get the most out of designer apparel, choose fabrics that incorporate one of these types of fabrics:

What Are The Most Common Designer Fabrics?, Designer Fashion Fabrics - AALA.com


Silk is the epitome of luxury when it comes to designer fabrics. There is nothing better than silk for your ensembles and apparel. It is a type of fabric that has always been associated with luxury and wealth. No matter what the shape of your body is, it hugs your figure luxuriously and richly. You will see your confidence leveling up by simply wearing silk.

Silk can be used in many unique ensembles like skirts, pajamas, blouses, scarves, and lingerie. Some designers have gone the extra mile in taking the full benefit of silk, recognizing its suitability for making designer fabrics. These designers include designing geniuses like Prada, Chanel, and Roberto Cavalli.

Not only does the silk look premium, but it is also more durable than other “knockoff” fabrics. It lasts twice as long as other natural fabrics. If you are making up your mind to buy designer fabrics, you should go for pure silk instead of blends (that will contain roughly 50 percent silk).

Silk has a lustrous surface and a stunning shine. It has the power to truly outshine the rest of the designer fabrics at the party. If you pay the cost, silk certainly provides you value.


It is sometimes difficult to tell apart silk and satin, as both of these exhibit shine and glossiness. The main difference is that silk has a shine on both surfaces while satin has its one face dull. Moreover, satin is a type of weave used to make fabric while silk is a natural fiber that we get from silk larvae.

Satin is extremely comfortable and at the same time shiny and lustrous. For those who want to always get value for money, this fabric is the ultimate destiny. It provides comfort and grace together.

Cotton is woven into satin weave most of the time. Sometimes it is a blend of silk and cotton. Thus, satin is a versatile fabric and it is hard to confine it into a few words. Fabric designers make use of satin weaves when they want to create designer fabrics providing comfort and casting a nice look.


It is one of those fabrics that one should get for long-lasting comfort and matchless softness. This amazing fabric can trap and retain heat and keep you warm all winter long. No wonder nature has blessed Northern goats and sheep with these splendid coats that keep them warm no matter how hard winters get.

There are some designers like Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, and Christian Dior who love to play with cashmere to create ever new motifs and designer fabrics. However, when you purchase items that claim to be made up of cashmere, always check the tag.

Silk, satin, and cashmere are the three most common designer fabrics. Make sure you purchase these items from a credible source.