Why is Georgette, So Gorgeous?

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When we think about an elegant fabric, Georgette inevitably comes to our mind! The beautiful drape, the zero weight, and it always being in trend is like a cherry on the cake! It is a sheer fabric that can be either transparent or opaque. Wow? No wonder both varieties are widely popular. It often has a twisted feel to it, which is why georgette sarees are so much-loved. This crushed feel of the fabric accentuates your figure and makes you look oh so good! Lovely Blouses, dresses, saris, gowns and skirts are some of the most common garments for which fashion designers frequently use Georgette.
Not many are aware of Georgette being a part of the crêpe fabric family, introduced in the twentieth century. Since then, it has become a fixture of high fashion, particularly in the evening and bridal wear.

How is it made?

Georgette is typically a plain weave fabric that is woven using tightly twisted s-twist and z-twist yarns. Don’t get confused! These are just yarns twisted in opposite directions. These twists create slight puckers on the surface of the fabric, which gives Georgette its signature crinkled finish. (which ultimately makes us look “B-E-A-utiful!) 

Why is it loved so much?

  1. Georgette is known for its breathable texture! But, remember, Georgette made with synthetic fibres is less breathable than those made with silk. (Obviously)
  2. Slight stretch. Georgette fabric has some bounce as a result of the weave and tight yarn twists.
  3. Sheer. Georgette is a pure, translucent fabric!
  4. Unbelievable drape. Georgette is an extremely flowy fabric which has an excellent structure and drape, which creates an eye-catching effect.
  5. Georgette fabric holds dye nicely, and the natural off-white colour of silk can be dyed in a variety of hues and patterns.

Types of Georgette Fabrics

Double Georgette

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Double Georgette is a thicker variety of Georgette that is still somewhat translucent. This semi-sheer Georgette has an excellent fluid drape, and a smooth hand feel. Runs while you touch it, it will make you feel exactly like Sushmita Sen in Main hoon Na! (Yas, that’s right)
It is ideal for blouses, shirts, dancewear, special occasion dresses, arts and crafts, home and event decor.

Pleated Georgette

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Pleated Georgette Fabric is made by adding pleats (formerly known as plaits) to a fine georgette fabric. It is the same process that is sometimes used in our daily household, adding plaits to the fabric by stitching. When done in a factory on machines, we have to use chemicals on our fabric in order to retain it in place and make creases permanent and long-lasting. Sometimes chemicals are not used or preferred and the fabric is treated with steam at high pressure, which adds to permanent durability and the creases are well crafted and reserved afterwards and just do not go away soon. It has more durability and flexibility because it has far more volume than it appears to have. It has a very less outside surface area as compared to the amount of fabric used. This process of pleating should be carried out with great care as georgette is already very flexible and stretchy. It requires a lot of skill, due to the amount of stretching it offers. Its nature and texture can be used beautifully for making local preferable dresses like sarees and what not. Modern designers use this stuff for this nature of georgette.

Silk Georgette

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Since Georgette can be made of almost all kinds of fibres, its properties and wearability vary a bit. If you prefer wearing natural fabrics, silk georgette would be your go-to option. It is so perfect, after all? Silk georgette is a breathable, all-climate fabric. You can wear it all year round, but it’s especially gorgeous in spring and summer when we want to wear lightweight materials. Because of its high absorbency, silk fabrics feature the most vibrant prints and colours. Plus, they are colourfast. They also dry quickly and is super strong. It can be damaged, of course, but it’s more stable compared to chiffon, and you can even embroider on it! When made from silk, Georgette becomes crease-resistant. So many benefits! Umm, what can be better than this?

Viscose  Georgette

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Viscose  Georgette Fabrics are known as artificial Georgette fabrics which are cheaper and honestly are the best substitute for Pure Georgette fabrics. Viscose fabric is woven from man-made regenerated cellulose fibre which absorbs moisture and can be easily dyed. 

Polyester Georgette

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Polyester Georgette Fabrics, on the other hand, is woven from synthetic fibre which is cheaper and non-dyeable. This one’s easier on the pocket and comfortable as ever. Wanna go for something more affordable, you know where to find this one!

Nylon Georgette

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Nylon Georgette Fabrics are made with premium quality 100% nylon yarn. This fabric is known for its smoothness, delicacy, tear-resistance and colour fastness. The material is durable and can be dyed in any colour!

How To Take Care Of Georgette Fabric?

Yes, it is stronger than many, but it still needs your love and care.

Three things, that’s all-

  1. Handwash.
  2. Use a light detergent.
  3. Dry in indirect sunlight.

Good news. Silk fabric repels mildew, mould and dust, which means it is easy to store!

Surely Georgette fabric is one of the best fabrics you can ever lay your hands upon! What’s the best? You can get it all at your one and only favourite, Aala!